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Moksha Tattoo – Best Tattoo Studio In Goa, Safe, Hygienic, Celebrity, Award Winning – Moksha Tattoo Calangute Go.

Ink on the Go

Get Tattooed at Your Location in Goa (and Beyond!)

Can’t make it to our studio? No worries! Moksha Tattoo Studio brings the art to youwith our convenient “Ink on the Go” service. Whether you’re staying at a luxurioushotel in Goa, relaxing at a beachside resort, or even residing outside Goa (travel fees apply), we’ll set up a professional tattooing station at your preferred location, allowing you to get inked in the comfort and privacy of your surroundings.

Unleash the Convenience:

Perfect for Busy Schedules:
Don’t let a hectic schedule or travel limitations prevent you from getting your dream tattoo. Book our “Ink on the Go” service and let us bring the tattoo experience to you.

Relax in Familiar Surroundings:
Feeling more comfortable getting tattooed in your hotel room, resort villa, or even your own home? Our mobile tattoosetup allows you to experience the process in a familiar and relaxing environment.

Ideal for Group Experiences:
Planning a tattoo with friends or family onvacation? Our service allows everyone to get tattooed together in the same location, making it a truly memorable experience.

Ensuring a Safe and Professional Experience:

Experienced & Mobile-Ready Artists:
Our team includes artists experienced in working within mobile setups, ensuring the process is s mooth and professional.

Hygiene at the Forefront:
Just like at our studio, we prioritize hygiene during mobile tattooing. We travel with a fully sterilized equipment kit and follow strict infection control protocols.

Portable Setup:
Our mobile setup includes everything needed for a safe and comfortable tattooing experience, from a dedicated tattoo chair to high-quality lighting and professional equipment.

Booking Your "Ink on the Go" Experience:

Contact Us:
Get in touch with Moksha Tattoo Studio to discuss your “Ink on the Go” project.

Consultation & Design Finalization:
We recommend scheduling a virtual consultation with your chosen artist to discuss the design, placement, and specific details of your tattoo. The artist will then finalize the design for approval before the tattooing appointment.

Location & Setup:
Inform us about your preferred location for the tattoo session. We’ll handle all the arrangements to ensure a seamless setup.

Pointers for a Smooth "Ink on the Go" Experience:

Choose a Suitable Space:
The chosen location should be clean, well-lit, and offer enough space for our mobile setup and comfortable seating for yourself and the artist.

Prepare the Area:
Clear the designated space of any furniture or clutter that might obstruct the tattooing process.

Ensure Proper Lighting:
Good lighting is crucial for the artist to achieve precise and detailed work. If necessary, provide additional lighting sources.

Accessibility Considerations:
Ensure easy access to electrical outlets and running water for proper equipment operation and hygiene.

Experience the Freedom of "Ink on the Go" with Moksha!

Contact Moksha Tattoo Studio in Goa today and let us create your dream tattoo wherever you are!

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